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Stocks Turn Positive in Final Hour of Trading

Stocks turn positive in the final hour of trading Friday as the Dow Jones Industrial Average attempts to clinch a six-day winning session, its longest streak of 2015.
7 Beauty Related Lawsuits You Have to Read to Believe

Did these cosmetic cases have a place in court? You be the judge
Retirement Reboot: Great Ways To Boost Income In Your Golden Years

If you're short of cash in retirement, get busy, and get some extra income.
You Tried It: Elizabeth Arden's Skin Care Game-Changers

Do Elizabeth Arden's SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster and PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Daily Serum live up to their claims? We had our top reviewers investigate
Stocks Crawl Into the Weekend as More Earnings Loom

Stocks barely make any moves on Friday as investors wait until next week for the earnings season to crank up a notch.
Meryl Streep Faces Backlash Over 'Slave' T-Shirt

Even if you're doing it to tout a socially acceptable topic like women's rights, you may not want to go around wearing a T-shirt declaring, "I'd rather be a rebel than a slave" unless you're prepared for a bit of a controversy. But that's what Meryl Streep and three other...
Carrey's Ex Reportedly Found With His Pills by Body

Jim Carrey's ex-girlfriend was found dead of an apparent suicide last week with three pill bottles next to her, and law enforcement sources tell TMZ the pills were prescribed to an alias used by Carrey. They were for Ambien, Percocet, and Propranolola sleep aid, a painkiller, and a blood...
5 Ways NFL Fans Lost the Personal Seat License Gamble

Now 20 years after the NFL adopted personal seat licenses as a means of paying for stadium improvements, many fans who purchased them are left holding the bill.
Will Student Loan Borrowers Get Better Protections from Loan Servicers?

While the CFPB slams loan servicers, some believe the essential problems originate with the Department of Education.
20 Countries Where Paid Vacation is a Legal Right

Despite all of the hours they work, Americans are out of luck when it comes to having a healthy work-life balance.
Federal pension reduces Social Security benefits?

It may not seem fair, but you can't collect full spousal benefits plus a pension.
Best way to pay for home improvements?

Here's how to review your borrowing options when your home needs a serious facelift.
How Expensive Is Whole Foods, Really?

Learn about Whole Foods Market, Inc., and discover how Whole Foods pricing actually compares to that of other grocery store operations.
Top 3 Consumer Cyclical Mutual Funds

Obtain information on, and analysis of, some of the best performing mutual funds that offer exposure to the consumer cyclicals sector.
Clinton's SNL Return: Trump-Bashing Bartender

Hillary Clinton stopped by Saturday Night Live last night as promised , opposite Kate McKinnon, the latest comedian to play her on the late-night comedy sketch show. This time the former secretary of state and would-be commander in chief was slinging drinks as Val the bartender, who kept 'em coming for...
Wendy's CEO Retiring -- CFO Taking the Reins

The company once run by its founder, Dave Thomas, will soon have a new chief executive. Wendy's(NASDAQ: WEN) President and CEO Emil Brolick will retire from the fast food chain in May 2016. He will be replaced in both positions by current Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Todd Penegor.
Ultrasounds on Fukushima Kids Alarm Researchers

For four years, nearly all kids living in Japan's Fukushima prefecture have received ultrasounds to gauge the effects of the nuclear disaster there in March 2011. Now a research team says the alarming results are in: Children living near the nuclear plant have thyroid cancer rates that are 20 to...
Weight-Loss Success Story: From Couch Potato to Pro Bodybuilder

Quitting college basketball sent Jasmine Pitts' weight soaring, but she bounced back with a kick-butt new hobby.
How much will I pay for mortgage closing costs?

Mortgage closing costs appear twice in the Loan Estimate. Here's where.
$6,000 windfall: Pay off car or credit cards?

The debts that carry the higher interest rate should be the first ones eliminated.
10 Healthy Food Blogs That Truly Satisfy

Hungry for fresh, reality-checked eating advice? These bloggers deliver.
How accurate is the mortgage Loan Estimate?

See where the mortgage Loan Estimate has to be exact and where it has wiggle room.
4 Exercises to Lose Your Gut and Boost Your Butt

Protruding stomachs and saggy tushes will be a thing of the past, thanks to this power workout.
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2 Detained in Fatal Texas University Shooting
A student was killed and another person was wounded in a shooting outside a Texas Southern University student-housing complex on Friday, and police detained at least two people for questioning, authorities said. The university quickly went on lockdown after the shooting was reported around 11:30am in a parking lot... More >
Latest News
Couple Cleared of Abuse Likely Won't Get Child Back
A young English couple cleared of child-abuse charges is unlikely to ever see their child again regardless, the Independent reports. Karissa Cox and Richard Carter took their six-week-old baby to the emergency room three years ago after finding it bleeding from the mouth. The couple was accused of child abuse,... More >
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